Examination Week, Day #4

Just finished three more exams:Special practice: basically that's everything related to strength training. I had to describe some cardio-tests, 1rm-tests, tests on max. strength deficiencies and mobility tests.Exercise testing and prescription: Here I was questioned on max. strength training, training periodization, super-compensation and the principles of proper training in general.Functional kinetics: Here, I had to … Examination Week, Day #4 weiterlesen

BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 3 + 4

Darius Tomaszewski, executive director of "get up fitness" studio arrived yesterday, his lecture on "special theory" was a true enrichment.The topic was the development of strength in its various forms (max strength, explosive strength, strength endurance, ...).He presented a new, finer method of specifying the tempo for each rep. Great stuff.As for today, I have … BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 3 + 4 weiterlesen

BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 1

First day of the second week in Linz.Tomorrow, I'll have to pass the "pedagogy, didactics and methodology" exam, so I have to spend the evenining (hopefully not the whole night) learning all that stuff.Today, we started the day with "practical exercise" - basically, differential learning methods and coordination training for running. Although the instructor insisted … BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 1 weiterlesen