BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 1

First day of the second week in Linz.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to pass the „pedagogy, didactics and methodology“ exam, so I have to spend the evenining (hopefully not the whole night) learning all that stuff.

Today, we started the day with „practical exercise“ – basically, differential learning methods and coordination training for running. Although the instructor insisted on those methods being applicable for any exercise in any sport, I doubt he really meant to include the martial arts in „any sport“.

Anyhow, afterwards we had a lecture on „general kinematics“ which was ok.
The rest of the day was all about anatomy and physiology, a topic I’m rather fond of. In my opinion, a solid theoretical base in all aspects of sports-related biology can really make a difference between an average trainer and a great one. Theory alone ain’t enough for sure, but it definately helps.

Well, off to learning again, I’ll post more tomorrow.

So long,

take care

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