BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 2

The exam went well, I’m pretty sure I passed. Results are due in two weeks.

Today, the best thing was our practice session with Eva Ratzenböck. Basically, we did spine stabilisation.
Looked a lot like yoga/pilates, minus all the hype. We really did some good core work, joint mobilization and flexibility stuff. The whole thing somehow resembled a Michael Boyle warmup – only this one took us two hours and made just about every single one of us curse and groan in pain. Lactic acid buildup in the spinal erectors ain’t exactly a pleasant experience.
However, despite being more than unpleasant, the session was great. Definately the highlight so far.

On a side note, I was pretty shocked seeing the same girls that already failed even free (no added weight) squats due to messed up knee axes about four months ago do the very same garbage again. They’re supposed to take their exams in mid-december, thereafter being certified fitness instructors. Still, there’s no sign of improvement whatsoever. Now four months are more than enough to get those axes in check, especially for bodyweight exercises. Not being an overly polite guy, I asked one of them I she has squatted at all in the last four month. Guess what – she hasn’t. For me, that’s completely incomprehensible. That’s like making a yellow belt an instructor in some martial art. A yellow belt that stopped training. Shocking.

Anyhow, enough ranting already, I’m off to meet Günter, my Kali-Instructor, who happens to live in Linz.

So long,

take care

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