BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 3 + 4

Darius Tomaszewski, executive director of „get up fitness“ studio arrived yesterday, his lecture on „special theory“ was a true enrichment.
The topic was the development of strength in its various forms (max strength, explosive strength, strength endurance, …).
He presented a new, finer method of specifying the tempo for each rep. Great stuff.

As for today, I have to say that I absolutely despise aerobics. Yeah, that’s a part of the course as well. It’s just disgraceful.
On a positive note, we spent a lot of gym-time with Darius. Basically, we did the basics when it comes to training the spinal erectors. As usual, Darius added some great variations of those basics and really made his lecture a worthwile experience.

Now personally I find it unsettling that there’s people in the course who can’t properly squat or deadlift. I’d rather have them spend some weeks on their technique rather than occupying places in an instructor-course. Anyhow, I won’t continue this rant here as I’ve already proclaimed my opinion on this topic in my last post.

To add another positive thing, the doc holding the anatomy / sports biology lessons is awsome.
Cool guy, former tri-athlete, knows the world of strength & conditioning quite well.

Tomorrow, I’ll have to past the last exam for this week, so another long night lies before me.

So long,

take care

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