BSPA Instructor Course, Week 2, Day 5 + 6

So yesterday and friday I had my last days in Linz for this part of the course.

Friday I took another exam, guess I did pretty well. After the exam, we hit the gym again with Darius, finishing the spinal erector stuff and progressing toward arm-training. Since most girls in the course aren’t that skilled when it comes to lifting heavy stuff, Darius took his time to teach them the basics. In the meanwhile, we (the guys) were free to train as we please.

For me, that was one-armed dumbbell snatches and turkish get-ups with a 40kg bell. Also, I did standing shoulder-presses, following the 4-20-4-20 system. Darius had us try the system with whatever exercise we chose. Now obviously most guys did biceps-curls as that’s the most manly exercise ever invented, as you know. Well, as I’m aparently not that manly, I chose to skip isolation training for one of the most unfunctional muscles in terms of sport-specific training and instead focussed on overhead pressing.

Now 4-20-4-20 is hardcore. Basically, the system has you perform 4 repetitions with your 4rm (rm = repetition max, the max weight you can move for 4 reps) to work the fast twitch fibers. Immediately after that with no rest you’re doing 20 more repetitions on the same exercise with your 20rm to exhaust the slow-twitch fibers. The idea is to give the fast-twitchers a chance to recuperate. After giving the fast-twichers a break, you’re going back to a heav weight and add another 4 repetitions. Go figure – you finish the set with another 20 lighter reps.

No I have to add that I couldn’t to the second set of 20 – my shoulders felt as if every muscle was about to tear apart.

For a good finish, we started the day yesterday with circuit training and interval sprints. Nothing beats a massive boost of lactic acid on a saturday morning.

While I learned some great stuff I can actually use in my martial arts classes, this week was mostly theory and weight-training basics. Next week, I’ll take my final exams.

Today, by the way, there’ll be a master class at my dojo held by Denis Gasparik. Denis is a great trainer of mine and a great luminary when it comes to the art of kicking. Pictures of the class are due to follow.

So long,

take care.

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