5×5 Debriefing

So here’s the results from the 5×5 program Chris and I have been following over the last 6 weeks prior to my trip to Linz.

Here’s the improvements on each exercise.

  • ‚begin‘ is obviously the weights we started out with.
  • ‚end‘ shows the heaviest weight we used to do a full set. Any set with a heavier weight that wasn’t done for 5 reps is not listed here.
  • ‚c‘ and ‚l‘ are used to mark ‚c’hris and ‚l’ukas respectively
    begin(c):        end(c):        begin(l):       end(l):
dl: 80.0-100.0kg 97.5-117.5kg 100.0-120.0kg 120.0-140.0kg
pu: 0.0-10.0kg 5.0- 15.0kg 0.0- 10.0kg 7.5- 17.5kg
r: 50.0-60.0kg 80.0- 90.0kg 50.0- 60.0kg 80.0- 90.0kg

cp: 40.0-50.0kg 50.0-60.0kg 40.0-50.0kg 50.0- 60.0kg
fs: 40.0-50.0kg 47.5-67.5kg 50.0-60.0kg 80.0-100.0kg
bp: 60.0-75.0kg 70.0-90.0kg 60.0-75.0kg 67.5- 85.0kg

dl… deadlift / pu… pull-up / r… rows / cp… clean & press / fs… front squat / bp… bench press

For me, this means that I’ve improved im 5rm by the following:

  1. Deadlift: 20kg, ~17%
  2. Pull-Up: 7.5kg, ~75%
  3. Row: 30kg, ~30%
  4. Clean&Press: 10kg, ~20%
  5. Front squat: 40kg, ~50% –> I started out way too light here, so the result is meaningless here
  6. Bench press: 10kg, ~13%

Both Chris and I had great improvements in terms of maximum strength. As Chris is currently doing an instructor course at the BSA, we’ll both have another week to recuperate. During that week, I’ll mostly be playing around with the weights, maybe I’ll re-test my deadlift 1rm.

After the deloading-week, we’ll employ more Kettlebell-training again to improve the cardiovascular system. Also, as not to lose all that strength we built up during the 5×5 program, we’ll add one heavy lifting session per week, where we’ll either focus on the big three (deadlift, bench, squat) or just deadlift. I still need to make my mind up on that.

So long,

take care

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