Show’s over.

Just returned home. I passed all exams. ‚A’s only.
My general practice topic was reaction-training. ‚Nuff said.
The preparations took me approximately 35 seconds, including the time to get all the stuff (balls, rings, markers, …) together.

I have to say that although some lessons were a waste of time in my opinion, the course in general was a great experience and definately offers quite a lot. Now, it’s time to put all that stuff into practice. Also, I already have plans on what to do next, education-wise, but I won’t explain them just yet.

Tomorrow, I’ll hit the kettlebells again and sunday there’ll be another masterclass at my dojo, this time on the topic „no-gi grappling 101“. I sure hope there’ll be lots of interested students.
Of course, I’ll post more on that coming sunday.

So long,

take care

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