Examination Week, Day #4

Just finished three more exams:

  • Special practice: basically that’s everything related to strength training. I had to describe some cardio-tests, 1rm-tests, tests on max. strength deficiencies and mobility tests.
  • Exercise testing and prescription: Here I was questioned on max. strength training, training periodization, super-compensation and the principles of proper training in general.
  • Functional kinetics: Here, I had to deal with questions concerning special issues with young athletes. Also, there was a part on innervation and the physical explanation for muscle activity.

Up until now, my marks ought to be excellent. Tomorrow, however, we’ll be dealing with special practice. Now this could get tricky, as I have no clue what lies ahead of me. There’s just so many possibilities, including but not limited to

  • senso-motoric training
  • strength training with a partner
  • spine stabilization with the thera-band
  • small games
  • running coordination
  • rope-skipping
  • endurance training

Lots will be drawn on those topics. Well, anyhow, no point in worrying too much. Just like in combat, I’ll just wait and see what they throw at me, find an appropriate reaction and brawl it out.

So long,

take care

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