Instructor course

Returned from Linz (upper Austria’s capitol city) on saturday. I spent six days there to go through the first part of my fitness instructor course.

I have to say, I was pretty surprised – on the positive side, that is. You see, the course is organized, held and paid for (most of it, at least) by the Austrian ministry of education. Although that’s great when it comes to the certificates appreciation, I wasn’t sure if it wasn’t all old-school and slowed down by bureaucracy. Now I can say it isn’t.

Basically we had about 4-5 hours of training a day as well as 5-6 hours of theory lessons.

On the training side, we did lots of functional training, sensomotoric drills, posture correction and the like – there was almost no bodybuilding-style isolation training or the like. I say almost, as those things naturally are a part of a fitness instructors course. They were limited to a minimum, though.

The teaching staff was great, there were sports scientists, a doctor, active trainers, … it was all very high level.

I was especially impressed by Dariusz Thomaszewski, a fitness trainer of polish origin. This guy can do stuff most people don’t even think of (e.g. snatching a loaded barbell with one hand and performing a turkish-get-down). Dariusz runs a fitness studio in Vienna’s 2nd district, Get-Up Fitness (

There’s two more weeks to spend in Linz before I’ll take my exam in december.

On a different note, today was the last regular training before summer at my dojo. During the summer months (july, august) I’ll be training outdoors with my people. There’s definately going to be pictures posted here – so look out.

So long,

take care

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