Kettlebell handout, status update

I’m currently at the instructor course at Linz, so there’s not exactly much time to post. (Atcually, I’ll be leaving tomorrow – it’s June 25th by the time I actually publish this. Ain’t much time to play around here.)

I’ll be posting about that course in detail once I come back. Anyhow, I’ve decided to post some pictures and info about my kettlebell workshop on Sunday, June 20th before the impressions fade away.

On the workshop there was but two trainees of very different training levels. This made the whole event a great experience for me as I could really dig into techniques with one guy and do crazy stuff while at the same time placing great focus on details with the other guy.

Actually, I did a whole lot more techniques than at the workshop I did for the instructors. Among these techniques was stuff such as the 2-hand-anyhow, catch-cleans, etc., so pretty advanced stuff.

You can download the basic handout (the stuff I planned on doing, without the extras) here!
In the next days I’ll be posting on the first part of the instructor training.

So long,

take care

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