Todays master class

Todays master class was great.
We trained outdoors for about 3 and a half hours.
It definately was great fun.

Basically we did something like this

  1. Posture correction (active standing)
  2. Joint mobilization
  3. Movement Prep (see Mark Verstegens „Core Performance“)
  4. Deadlifts
  5. Unilateral Deadlifts
  6. Front Squats
  7. Swings with two hands
  8. Swings with one hand
  9. Swings with a switch
  10. Forward shocking (a technique I’ve leared from Dariusz Tomaszewski, basically it’s all about throwing the kettlebell as far as possible from a swing)
  11. High-Pulls
  12. Swing to rack
  13. Power-Cleans
  14. Clean-To-Catch
  15. Olympic Cleans
  16. Power-Snatches
  17. Olympic Snatches
  18. Turkish-Get Ups
  19. Get-Ups via overhead squat
  20. Windmills
  21. Bent Presses

Uhm, yeah, we did a lot. Obviously, this ain’t what I’m going to do with the trainees on June 20th, but today was a master class for gym trainers and instructors, so I guess it was ok.

As there’s an error in the handout, I’ll post it tomorrow.

So long, take care

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