Kettlebell Training For Aerobic Endurance Gains

Introduction Endurance is a broad term. Different types of endurance (short -, medium - and long term) are fueled by different energy systems. The first one or two maximum muscle contractions are powered by the phosphates in the muscle cell. After that, short bursts of up to 12 seconds draw their energy from the creatine- … Kettlebell Training For Aerobic Endurance Gains weiterlesen

5×5 Reloaded

So today after some padwork for warmup and specific training, Chris and I jumped into some more structured, more serious strength & conditioning program again.After some hard thinking, we concluded that after all the instructor courses, seminars and workshops we attended, we still don't know a better system than the 5x5 program I've written so … 5×5 Reloaded weiterlesen