Rites of Passage

After we’ve built up some decent strength levels, it’s time to get back in shape endurance-wise. So today, Chris and I started going through the RKC rites of passage, which basically consist of heavy cleans & presses, swings and snatches.

As a warmup, we did three rounds of light thaiboxing sparring. My Gymboss is out of batteries so I’m using my Everlast timer. That damn thing beeps 20 seconds before the round is over, so we stopped 20 seconds early in the first round. After 20 seconds it beeps again, to indicate the round is actually over – we took that as the beginning of the new round and did 3min 40 sec on the second one. All pretty confusing.

After warmup up properly, we grasped the kettlebells and went down to business. For us, monday is the heavy day, so it’s 5 ladders of 5 rungs for the clean & press. I did the whole thing with 2x20kg, Chris did it with 2x16kg. 5 ladders of 5 rungs means a total of 75 repetitions – this does smoke the shoulders.

Afterwards, we did swings for 5 minutes. Although Pavel proposes rolling two six-sided dice, I don’t really like that idea. For me, doing the same amount of time in every workout makes sense in that it’s easier to distinguish between light, heavy and moderate days if you base your days on that week’s max.

  • The original routine has you do „Hard swings: as many as you can do in the allotted time“ on your all-out day. That was today.
  • On the moderate day, it has you do „moderate swings: 70-80% of what you could do in the allotted time if you went all-out“. For us, that’ll be saturday.
  • On the light day, it’s „easy snatches: 50-60% of what you could do in the allotted time if you went all-out“. In our case, that’ll be wednesday – where we’ll be trading the clean & press for the big three (squat, deadlift, bench press), which we’ll do in a holistic way. I’ll elaborate on that coming wednesday.

Now, as there’s some percentages involved, you might understand my objections to actually rolling dice.

Anyhow, in our 5-minute frame, I did 80 swings with a 20kg ‚bell. Now that’s not exactly something to be proud of, I guess I really messed things up with bad time management. Next time, I’ll set my Gymboss to 1-minute intervals and do it like this:

  1. Do 20 swings as fast as possible
  2. Rest for the remaining part of the minute
  3. Repeat

That’ll buy me 100 swings, 20 per minute. While still not enough, I think it’s a good place to start.

Soon as I come home, I’ll post the respective clips.

So long,

take care

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