Todays master class

Todays master class was great.We trained outdoors for about 3 and a half hours.It definately was great fun.Basically we did something like thisPosture correction (active standing)Joint mobilizationMovement Prep (see Mark Verstegens "Core Performance")DeadliftsUnilateral DeadliftsFront SquatsSwings with two handsSwings with one handSwings with a switchForward shocking (a technique I've leared from Dariusz Tomaszewski, basically it's all … Todays master class weiterlesen

Kettlebell master class

Tommorrow I'll be doing a master class at my teacher's dojo.The topic will be "The Art of Kettlebell Training".Sounds nice, huh?Background:At our headquarters in vienna's 8th district, Ronny (Shinergy-founder and my teacher) and Tom (captain of the Shinergy[supreme team], Shinergy[master instructor] and athletic director at our hq-dojo) have decided to remove all those puny machines … Kettlebell master class weiterlesen