Power to my people

Just got my new set of kettlebells. Finally.

I’ve been holding kettlebell classes at my dojo for about a year now and since then, my students have gotten stronger and fitter. That’s why I decided that when it comes to conditioning, the only thing better than a kettlebell is more kettlebells.

Now, my kettlebell arsenal looks like this:

04kg x 2
08kg x 1
12kg x 1
16kg x 2
20kg x 2
24kg x 2
32kg x 1

This should do for the moment. There’s heavy weights for strength and power, medium weights for hypertrohpy and lighter weights for conditioning. Since I can proudly say that my conditioning classes are attended not only by my male students but also by women, the 4 and 8 kg ‚bells make sense, too.

Now, whenever my students need to change weights (e.g. they switch exercise from a press to a squat), there’s some confusion as to which kettlebell is of which weight. You know, a 24kg kettlebell can easily be mistaken for a 20 or a 32. Some solution to this issue had to be found.

Having started my martial arts carreer as an ITF Taekwon-Do student, my solution was quite a playful one that even might look those ‚bells look less frightening to female clients.

I’ve simply introduced a color code for the ‚bells, following ITF belt gradings:

04kg … yellow
08kg … yellow with a green handle
12kg … green
16kg … green with a blue handle
20kg … blue
24kg … blue with a red handle
32kg … red

As you can see, I’ve left out the white and black belt. Now, I save the „black belt“ for the „beast“, a 48kg kettlebell, which will certainly find it’s way into my dojo as soon as I can afford it. As for the white one – it just didn’t fit into the system.

I’ll be coloring the new ‚bells next week and post a couple of pictures.

So long,

take care

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