Mariusz Pudzianowski enters the MMA circuit

Well, if you’re observing the scene, you’ll know by now that Mariusz Pudzianowski, „world’s strongest man“ will be competing in December at the „Martial arts confrontation“ („Konforntacia Sztuk Walki, KSW“).

In a Black Belt Magainze interview, Rickson Gracie said that „Just being strong and well conditioned gives you an advantage“ and „makes the other guy the underdog, no matter what“. I have to absolutely agree on that one, although power and conditioning alone don’t win fights – Rickson’s brother Royce proved that at the first 3 UFC events. Of course, in Mariusz case, there’s no need to think about that in the first place.

Apart from doing Kyokushin Karate, Boxing and Wrestling, this guy is practicing BJJ, so this fight is going to be an interessting one from a technical point of view as well as from a physical one.

Now what put a smile on my face is the fact that he’s working out with Miroslaw Okninski – maybe you recall the name from one of my Poland-posts. He’s the guy that’s running the valetudo school I’ve visited in Warsaw. You can look it up at Once my ankle can take some punishment again, I shall definately go and train with those guys again.

By the way, if you speak polish, you can catch up a good article about Pudzian preparing for his fight on,95190,7252838,Pudzian_staje_na_glowie___za_miesiac_walka_roku.html.

I’m really looking forward to seeing that fight, I guess there’s some things to be learned there.

So long,

take care

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