Event Visuals: XX Open Polish Taekwondo Championships, March 16-17 2013, Czestochowa

So it’s been a while, but finally, I’ll officially release the video footage we have of the [open polish taekwondo championships in Czestochowa]. Maybe I’ll analyze some of the fights in-depth at a later time, but at this moment, I’d rather focus on some philosophical issues. Hence, without further ado, here’s Chris’, Frank’s and my … Event Visuals: XX Open Polish Taekwondo Championships, March 16-17 2013, Czestochowa weiterlesen


Nothing new here ATM.I've been in Poland for about the last two weeks - for the first time, I spent time there without hitting the gym even once. I didn't attend a single martial arts class. I don't want to go into detail why I didn't train as there was a couple of reasons.Anyways, on … Bump weiterlesen

Mariusz Pudzianowski enters the MMA circuit

Well, if you're observing the scene, you'll know by now that Mariusz Pudzianowski, "world's strongest man" will be competing in December at the "Martial arts confrontation" ("Konforntacia Sztuk Walki, KSW").In a Black Belt Magainze interview, Rickson Gracie said that "Just being strong and well conditioned gives you an advantage" and "makes the other guy the … Mariusz Pudzianowski enters the MMA circuit weiterlesen

Poland #3

Ok, so yesterday I had BJJ training at 12:00 at Miroslaw Okninskis school (www.valetudo.pl).Again, because of the clubs training camp, which is taking place right now, there was no instructor. However, just as wednesday, there were good MMA guys at the gym so one of them led the training.After warmup we practiced the various mounts … Poland #3 weiterlesen

Poland #2

Had a hell of a day.At 12:00 I went to the MMA training at Miroslaw Okninskis Vale Tudo school (www.valetudo.pl).Unfortunately, due to the fact that Okninski himself is currently at his clubs summer training camp, there was no actual trainer to supervise the lesson. However, there was a BJJ guy (Christopher), a former wrestling now … Poland #2 weiterlesen