Nothing new here ATM.

I’ve been in Poland for about the last two weeks – for the first time, I spent time there without hitting the gym even once. I didn’t attend a single martial arts class. I don’t want to go into detail why I didn’t train as there was a couple of reasons.

Anyways, on monday, Chris and I are going to hit our 5×5 again. Also, over the last days I was kicking, striking and grappling again, with little to no pain during the sessions. I have to admit my knees were swollen afterwards, but I’m dealing with that pretty well. After living with an injury for some time, one learns how to support the body in fighting off the pain. In my particular case, the best therapy is heat. A hot tub before bed or some sauna after training will spare me a lot of pain during the night.

On a last note, I’ll attend a Kali seminar next weekend – the first of a whole series.

I’ll keep you updated – so long,
take care

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