Training update #2

So over the last days I trained a lot. Couldn’t make it to the gym 4 times weekly, but I made up for that with specific training.

Anyhow, after doing the „pull“-workout twice and the „push“-workout once (today is going to be the second time), some details on exercise execution have changed.

  1. Tactical pullups became standard, wide-grip pullups. I need to re-adat to pullups before increasing difficulty.
  2. Snatch-grip atg squats became standard atg fron squats. My wrists are hurting like hell with the snatch grip. I can’t allow a strength exercise to hinder my striking.

No fundamental changes here, just details, as stated above.
After performing the „push“-workout for a second time today, I’ll be posting the loading patterns.

So long,
take care

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