HFT, Phase #2

So yesterday I’ve finished my HFT phase #1. Basically, that program had me do 100 pushups and 50 pullups per day. Each sunday, I did what I call „max days“, so those 150 reps were done in one session.

Yesterday, I figured out a way to do those pullups more easily by adding a plyometric element. Instead of doing the excentric movement in a slow, totally controlled fashion all the way down, you release tension just before your elbows are completely straight. Gravity will pull you down rapidly, thus stretching all participating muscles. As in all plyometric exercise, you then take advantage of your CNS’s response – which is a reflex to contract those stretched muscles – to add more force to the concentric movement.

Anyhow, since it’s Monday and I had my last max day yesterday, it’s time to move on.
My new program will have me do the following each and every day:

1) 50 neutral-grip pull ups: Those will strengthen my arms and lat, supporting my grappling

2) 50 pistol squats on each side: Since I’ve torn my sideband, I was practically unable to do any training for my left leg. Now, I’ll try to get those legs back in form. With the left, I’ll do supported pistol squats, hanging on to a doorway, chair or whatever, until I feel strong enough to do them on my own.

3) 50 hanging leg raises: I’m planning on doing a max-strength program towards the end of the year, so my abs – which basically work as a means of force transmission in the kinetic chain – have to be strong enough to prevent injury.

So that’s 200 reps in approximately 16 hours wake time. I’m already sure I’m going to hate this, but then you have to leave your comfort zone in order to progress.

Again, I’ll have max days at sunday – since rest periods are longer for every muscle group than in the previous program, I guess this is going to work out after all.

I’ll post videos of every exercise in posts to come, as well as videos of the max days.

So long,

take care

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