Fight Prep 2012-04-11

Tomorrow’s weigh-in. Still need to lose quite some weight. I never attemted to make that much weight before. If this actually works, it’ll definately be something to be kept up for future full-contact bouts.

Jesterday’s session was short and technique-centered. 5 rounds of shadow-sparring, 5 rounds of padwork, for a total of 10 2-minute rounds. While the technique-goals were rather strict while working the pads, the shadow-sparring was rather freestyle. I didn’t ask Chris what he was doing, but my concept was very straight-forward:

  1. Stepping / Movement only
  2. Boxing, freestyle
  3. Boxing, freestyle
  4. Kickboxing, freestyle,
  5. Kickboxing, freestyle

Nothing fancy here. Since Chris is competing in the semi-contact (a.k.a Point/Stop) division while I’ll do light-contact (a.k.a continous), our padwork obviously differed a lot. Chris devoted his rounds to the following:

  1. Roundhouse kicks only
  2. Spinning kicks
  3. Lead leg kicks
  4. Adding punches and mixing it all up
  5. Punches only

On the other hand, since light-contact is (should be, at least) all about scoring points, I decided to go for a higher pace and stick to throwing combinations:

  1. Close range boxing
  2. Lead leg kicks
  3. Combinations: Punch->Kick->Punch
  4. Combinations: Kick->Punch->Kick
  5. Kickboxing, freestyle

We’re both pretty low on carbs already, so those net 20 minutes were more than enough. Today, I’ll teach two classes (Chris will teach 4) and then have my last meal at around 7:30pm. After that, there’ll be no food or water whatsoever for around 24 hours. I probably won’t post tomorrow, as I’ll be busy rehydrating and refeeding after the fast, but obviously I’ll post an update either saturday evening or sunday morning.

Until then, feel free to take a look at yesterday’s video footage and post your thoughts to the ‚comments‘ section below.

So long,

take care

PS: Seems there’s something wrong with the video captions again. Don’t worry, sooner or later I’ll get a hang for those video editing things…

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