Shinergy[stadlau] Sparring Session: 2012-05-26

Here’s the edited video footage of last saturday’s class. Elias, one of my fellow instructors (who also happens to be a great semi-contact competitor) joined us for a sparring session, so things got pretty intense. Took some nice video footage. I’ve eliminated everything except for the sparring part from the film, so here’s a quick breakdown of what we did:

  • ZaZen (meditation)
  • Joint mobilization
  • Shadow Sparring
    • Boxing, lead hand only
    • Boxing, rear hand only
    • Boxing, Combinations, start each from a block
    • Boxing, Combinations, start each from an evasion
    • Boxing, freestyle
  • Sparring, Boxing, 3 rounds
  • Shadow Sparring
    • Kicks, lead leg only
    • Kicks, rear leg only
    • Kicks, Combinations, start each from a direct counter
    • Kicks, Combinations, start each from an indirect counter
    • Kicks, freestyle
  • Sparring, Semi-Contact, 3 rounds
  • Shadow Sparring
    • Kickboxing, Combinations, Punch-Kick-Punch
    • Kickboxing, Combinations, Kick-Punch-Kick
    • Kickboxing, ombinations, start each from a direct counter
    • Kickboxing, Combinations, start each from an indirect counter
  • Sparring, Kickboxing, 3 rounds
  • Cool down

That’s the gist of it. Anyhow, just lay back and enjoy the film!

Tomorrow, I’ll upload my fight against Jakob again, from another point of view. After that, I’ll finally follow up with the fight against Andrea K. in the finals.

So long,

take care

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