Event Report: WKF National Championships 2012, Villach

So on saturday I competed in the WKF national championships 2012. Took silver in the -71kg full-contact kickboxing division. Overall, our team did pretty well, in terms of medals:

The results
Thomas Reiss Shinergy[liesing] Semi-Contact MASTERS (+35years) Silver
Frank Zauner Shinergy[zone wien] Semi-Contact -75kg Gold
Semi-Contact -86kg Bronze
Andreas Mehic Shinergy[stadlau] Semi-Contact YOUTH +71kg Silver
Light-Contact YOUTH +71kg Bronze
Lukas Pezenka Shinergy[stadlau] Full-Contact -71kg Silver

        My 2 cents

Not too shabby in my opinion, especially considering the fact we’re note even kickboxers. Still, I’m not really satisfied. Should have taken gold. Got knocked out by my own fault in the finals. Did a stupid beginner’s mistake. On a whole, though, I really can’t complain – after all, I’ve won my first full-contact fight. Hence, regardless of the finals, I’ve scored quite a big personal success. Also, I found that there’s really no place for me in the -75kg division. The guys in the -71kg division were all about my height, so those range disadvantages I’ve been suffering from in so many of my fights were no issue whatsoever this time.

            Further plans

So today, the situation looks like this: I’ve scored silver in light-contact at the austrian open back in april. Now, a full-contact placing was added. Not exactly sure yet, but I guess that gives me a place on the national team for both events (LC + FC) at the upcoming world championships in Varazdin. So, if my budget allows it, I’ll probably make the trip to croatia in july.

            More to come

So now I’ve got a couple of weeks before I get back into the ring again. Therefore, I’ll make haste and catch up on commenting the fights from the austrian open. Once I’ve done that, I’ll add those from the national championships, so there’s plenty of stuff coming up in the near future – stay tuned!

So long,

take care

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