Fight Prep: 2012-05-17

Today’s session was relatively low-impact due to the fact that I’m cutting weight and hence, my muscle glycogen levels are rather low.

After five rounds á two minutes of very basic movement drills, I went through my standard shadow-sparring program for ten rounds. By ’standard‘ I mean starting out with a dedicates ‚movement‘ round where no strikes are thrown whatsoever and then working up to full shadow sparring from that point.

The movement drills
  1. Evasion: Bob left, right, left, weave right. Repeat to the other side. Repeat for the rest of the round.
  2. Counter Punching: Bob right, left, throw a jab while weaving to the right. Repeat to the other side, this time throwing a cross. Repeat for the rest of the round.
  3. Hand/Foot Coordination: Step in a square pattern (forward, right, backward, left – right, forward, left, back – ….), throwing a punch with every step. Alternate between the jab, cros, and jab/cross combination.
  4. Step forward with a jab/cross combination then throw a lead hook while simulatneously doing a 45-degree turn-step. Repeat until initial position is reached again, then do it all again for the rear hook.
  5. Catch a jab with the rear hand, step back with the rear foot. Come back forward with a jab/cross combination, then throw a lead hook as done in round #4. Again, repeat until initial position is reached again, then do it all for the rear hook.

The standard shadow sparring routine 
  1. Movement only (blocks, evasion, stepping, but no strikes whatsoever)
  2. Movement and Jabs only
  3. Movement, Jabs and Crosses only
  4. Movement and all lead hand strikes
  5. Free boxing
  6. Movement, all lead hand strikes, all lead leg kicks
  7. Movement, free boxing, all lead leg kicks
  8. Free kickboxing, though only combinations following the pattern punch-kick-punch
  9. Free kickboxing, though only combinations following  the pattern kick-punch-kick
  10. Free kickboxing with no restrictions or constraints, basically put it all together
The rest

After those fifteen rounds (five for movement drills, ten for shadow sparring), I did another five rounds of heavy bag work. Now while the heavy bag was my implement of choice, the term ‚heavy‘ might be misleading on this one. Everything was rather easy. Two days before a fight, going all-out just isn’t such a good idea.

For a good finish, I added five rounds of passive static stretching. I don’t usually do that, but then I felt a bit tense during the shadow sparring. Saturday, I need to be fast and loose.

Tomorrow, I’ll just hit the sauna, make some more weight and go to Villach. Weigh-In begins at 5pm. After that, I’ll let you know if I made it to the -71kg division.

So long,

take care

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