Fight analysis: Shinergy[battle] autumn ’11, Gabriel VS Florian

This time I actually have an excuse for not posting for such a long time: on 1st of March, I had my last exam for my BSC studies. Obviously, that involved quite some learning. Training suffered, too. However, now I’m done with that, in a couple of weeks I’ll have my papers and officially be an BSC.

Anyhow, back to the topic at hand, it’s time to look at another fight. This time, I’ll analyze Gabriel’s second fight at the Shinergy[autumn battle] 2011. He was up against Florian, a boy from Tom’s Dojo in Liesing, Vienna’s 23rd district.

I guess you could dub that fight „Speed VS Power“. The whole fight had something of a play of catch after the first couple of seconds: Florian chased Gabriel across the mat, Gabriel tried to land indirect counters. Having said that, let’s take a (very brief) look at the details.

Let’s start out with the positive things. Gabriel consistantly made those direct roundhouse counters work. This can already be seen [in his first fight on that day against Fabio]. The boy’s really good with that technique. Also, he scored pretty well with indirect counter punching. However, most of the time he was in a pretty bad position after those counters, so I wouldn’t recommend this type of punching for anything else than pointfighting. Speaking of a bad position, Gabriel’s center of gravity was way too high. There was too much jumping around, especially those „flying“ push kicks made absolutely no sense. As a trainer, I know that Gabriel’s stepping and overall fighting strategy has improved a lot by then, so I’m not going to bother and go into details here.

Florian on the other hand made good use of his lead leg stop kicks and rear leg push kicks. Scored pretty often with those. That’s exactly why I can’t understand his decision to take the aggressor’s role after the first 20 seconds. In my opinion, he should have stuck with countering, have that lead leg working and stop Gabriel on every occasion.

Wrap Up
Gabriel deservedly won that fight. The boy’s learning at an incredible rate, he’s getting better by the day. Still, there’s so much more to learn (guess that’s pretty true for everyone, huh?), so it’s important to always remember what they say:

Hard work beats talent
if talent refuses to work hard

Florian did a good job as well, especially considering his extremely young training age. I’ve had the opportunity to teach at Tom’s Dojo on a couple of occasions so I can see the progress Florian makes. Just like Gabriel, he’s constantly learning and evolving as a martial artist. Style-wise, I believe he and Gabriel are going to be like Fire and Water, but that’s yet to be seen. They say that styles make fights and if that’s true, I’m really looking forward to seeing Gabriel and Florian meet again in upcoming battles.

Now I’m almost through with the fights of the Shinergy[autumn battle] ’11. Tomorrow, there’ll be a gymnastics masterclass at my Dojo, so I’ll post about that first, but then I’ll immediately go back to analyzing the rest of the fights. Stay tuned!

So long,

take care

Clip #1 Clip #2

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