Michael H (Shinergy[stadlau]) VS Tino P (Shinergy[zone vienna])

Ok, it’s been a while. Now properly analyzing a fight means going through the details over and over again, watching the fight endless times, observing a different aspect each time. This is not something I can do on the fly. So, since I was pretty short on time, I decided not to write a half-hearted analysis but rather postpone the thing a bit. Now, I’ve got some time on my hands again, so here we go. Having said all of the above, this analysis was actually pretty easy as the whole fight was somewhat one-sided.

Today’s installment will cover the only fight fought under redbelt rules at the last Shinergy[battle]. The matchup had Tino, a young yet relatively successfull semi-contact fighter (he scored some national medals at semi-contact kickboxing under WKF rules) fight Michael, one of my guys. Now both contestants can be considered Veterans in that they’ve both had their share of Shinergy battles in the past. Knowing both fighters and their respective background, I estimated Tino to dominate the kicking range while I considered Michael to be far superior in the clinch. I also saw Michael as the favourite when it comes to the boxing range. Surprisingly, I found the opposite to tbe true: Michael clearly dominated the kicking range while Tino scored better (IMHO) punches. Now don’t get me wrong: Without any doubt, Tino’s kicking technique is far superior to Michael’s. Still, what counts at the end of the day is who hit and who got hit – and under this aspect, Michael clearly was on top.

As for the third distance, the clinch, I was proud to see that Michael did a good job with those knees. Overall, my boys defintely dominated the infight distance during that battle. Hopefully, the other competitors will react to that and improve their clinch as well.

Anyways, some of Michael’s better kicks can be seen at 00:37-00:39 in clip #3, 00:41 in clip #1, 01:30 in clip #1 and 01:28 in clip #2.

On the other hand, you can see Tino scoring with some solid punches at 01:16 in clip #2 and 00:36 in clip #1. Tino successfully blitzed Michael on quite a few occasions, even though he failed to seize the resulting opportunity for more serious follow-up strikes.

In any case, it looked to me as if Tino was trying to make his semi-contact style count and out-smart Michael. There was a lot of side-stepping, evasive action and spectacular, high spinning kicks. After the fight he told me he was „trying out distance“, so apparentaly my initial guess wasn’t too far away from the truth. In any case, whatever he tried to do didn’t work out under our full-contact ruleset.

Michael definately improved his kicking game since his last fight. Actually, those kicks get evidently better each time he competes. Also, his boxing improved a lot. However, on more than one occasion, the coordination of punches proved to be inadequate. At certain points, Michael obviously had his mind set to a specific distance or even technique and therefore failed to fully comprehend what was actually going on. Take a look at 01:16 in clip #2, for example. Up to that point, Michael had scored with some great roundhouse kicks to the body. Obviously determined to stick to that strategy, he followed Tino to the edge of the fighting area and slipped into boxing range without even noticing it. Seeing the opportunity, Tino attacked with a (very semi-contact style) cross and conntected. Now while I doubt there was a lot of power behind that punch, it forced Michael a step back, thus allowing Tino to make it to the center of the fighting area again. Now this was a clear tactical mistake on Michael’s side.

To make up for that, in the third round (00:24 in clip #3) he pulled off a solid jab/cross/rear roundhouse combo when Tino tried to fake an attack from too close a distance.

As you can see at 00:14 – 00:19 in clip #3, a situation very similar to the one described above presented itself in the third round. This time, Michael kept a proper distance, had his guard up and dealt with that back kick as if it was nothing. While his overall movement was pretty good in that moment, his failure to throw a kick or a strike forfeit the advantage of his superior position. He even let Tino escape and get to the center of the fighting area again. Here, a more aggressive approach would definately have been appropriate. Now on that situation it was apparent Tino was waiting for an opportunity to counter with some sort of spinning kick, so basically the right approach for Michael would have looked something like this:

  • Keep the distance, stay alert
  • Cut Tino’s way to prevent him from gaining a more favourable position
  • Feint/fake to provoke a counter, which in turn opens a window of opportunity
  • Use that window of opportunity to either score a kick or rush in with flying fists

Now attack tactics is what I’m currently putting emphasis on in my classes, so I guess Michael will handle situations such as this one more effectively at the next battle.

Overall, Michael clearly dominated the fight from the first second on and deservingly won. On a sidenote, I have absolutely no idea how that second round could be judged a draw. Of course, if you feel different, feel free to express your opinion in the comments section below.

Next up: Gabriel’s second fight of the evening. Stay tuned.

So long,

take care

Clip #1 Clip #2
Clip #3

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