Event Report: Gymnastics 101 Masterclass, 2012-03-04

So yesterday we had the „Gymnastics 101“ masterclass, which was held by a good friend of mine, Martin Friedrich. The guy’s an incredible gymnast and freerunner, so basically the plan is to do a „gymnastics 101“ masterclass first (check), follow up with an „acrobatics 101“ class and finish the series with a „freerunning 101“ class.

Martin already held a masterclass the the Dojo some time ago, so most of yesterday’s topics weren’t exactly new, but it sure didn’t hurt to practice the basics again. Everything was clearly structured, for every exercise there was a series of preparatory exercises and different level of difficulty. Therefore, everyone faced a challenge, no one was bored, yet no one was hopelessly overwhelmed either. That being said, I need to add that everyone seems to be pretty thrashed today, so the whole thing was very intense. Go figure why gymnasts look and perform the way they do…

Basically, what we did was

  • Warmup
  • Core training
  • Fall exercises, forward roll, backward roll, +variations
  • Cartwheels, one armed cartwheels, +varitions
  • Handstand, +variations
  • Breakdance freezes
  • Backflips, Somersaults

Everyone was really involved, so for the biggest part of the class, there’s no pictures or video footage. At the end of the class, however, we took some moments to record some (spotted) flips. You can find that footage below. Next stop – „Acrobatics 101„. Really looking forward to that. Obviously, I’ll give you a summary of that as well.

So long,

take care

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