Event Report: Fight[club], hosted by Shinergy[stadlau], 2012-03-05

Yesterday was fight club day. You see, once a month I invite fighters from another school to spar with my boys and girls to gain some combat experience. The Shinergy[battle] are quite a rare event, so for most of my athletes – those which are not keen on competing in Kickboxing bouts -, getting to fight someone from another gym ain’t that common. Hence, I decided to host those fight clubs.

For quite a while I’ve tried to get competitors from the Shinergy[zone vienna] come visit us for sparring sessions – to no avail. When I asked Thomas, head instructor of Shinergy[liesing], he immediately liked the idea and so we decided to have those sparring sessions on a regular base, once per month.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to attend the first event, but yesterday, the second fight club took place and I was there to hold the class. Although there were still few competitors, I believe that the session was a success. Everyone had a chance to learn and hone his/her skills. Besides, it was a lot of fun.

Session schedule

As a warmup, put everyone through my warmup routine. You can find it online here in quite a couple of posts. I’ve really come to love that sequence as a warmup tool.

After properly warming up, we did a couple of rounds of shadow-sparring:

  1. Movement: Movement only, with no strikes whatsoever.
  2. Boxing: Jabs only.
  3. Distance: All lead hand strikes, all lead leg kicks.
  4. Combinations: Each combination is initiated by throwing punches, then there’s a kick or two, after which the combination is finalized with punches.
  5. Combinations: Pretty much the same as above, only this time it was Kick/Punch/Kick instead of Punch/Kick/Punch
  6. Free shadow sparring: Just what the name implies – everything goes, combine all of the above.

After that, there was the actual sparring: everyone had two rounds of contact sparring, each round against a fresh opponent. In some rounds, I placed handicaps on particular fighters (e.g. only lead hand/foot strikes allowed, boxing only, …). There was a second fighting area for no-contact sparring, also. At the slightest contact, both athletes were to drop down and do three pushups.

I’ve attached some video footage. Before you ask – yeah, I know the quality’s pretty bad and the camera position was less than optimal. Next time, I’ll try to shoot better material. For now, just enjoy the show and feel free to post your opinion to the comments section.

So long,

take care

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