Shinergy[battle] autumn cup ’11, fight prep

Next saturday, the Shinergy[battle] autumn cup ’11 will take place here in Vienna. Needless to say, my dojo will be well represented. This time, 5 of my boys will compete and pressure test their skills. Yesterday we had the last sparring session before the tournament. The class layout was pretty straight-forward: 10 rounds of technical shadow sparring followed by 10 rounds of actual sparring. Below you find a short summary of what we did during each round. Note that when I say „striking“, I’m referring to hand techniques only, while kicking, … well, I guess the term „kicking“ is pretty self-explanatory.

  1. Movement only (no strikes, no kicks)
  2. Movement & Jabs
  3. Free Striking
  4. Lead leg kicks, lead hand strikes
  5. Free striking, free lead leg kicks
  6. Initiate combos with strikes, finalize with kicks
  7. Initiate combos with kicks, finalize with strikes
  8. Close-quarter only (i.e. striking from the clinch)
  9. Free shadow sparring
  10. Free shadow sparring
  1. Free striking
  2. Lead hand strikes, lead leg kicks
  3. Open stance (i.e. one partner is fighting from a regular stance, the other one from a southpaw stance)
  4. One partner kicks, the other one strikes
  5. One partner initates every action with strikes and finalizes with kicks, the other one initiates every action with kicks and finalizes with strikes
  6. Clinch work (i.e. the fighting area is limited to 1 m²)
  7. Point/Stop sparring (a.k.a Semi-Contact Sparring)
  8. Free Sparring
  9. Free Sparring
  10. Free Sparring

Of course, I’ve also attached some video footage. Enjoy!

I’m really looking forward to seeing my boys fight at the upcoming battle – of course, there’ll be video footage and a blog post.

So long,

take care

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