Day of the fight: 2011-11-05, review

So on Saturday, I had a full-contact kickboxing match. I’ve lost. Got knocked out in the second round. But first things first.

From an organisational point of view, things were pretty fubar, both on the promoters side as well as on mine. In any case, I’ll only cover my own mistakes here.

First, I planned on fighting in the -71kg division but missed the weight by 2kg. This was the first time in my fighting carreer that I couldn’t make the weight I planned on. Not that it had mattered at all in this case – there wouldn’t have been anyone in the -71kg division anyway, so dropping more weight would just have left me in a (even) weaker state and I’d still have to fight the same guy. Nevertheless, next time I’ll have to pay more attention to the weight issue.

Second, I thought following a strict warrior diet even on the competition day was a good idea, which it apparently was not. You see, I’ve mostly trained around 10 a.m, as last time I had the first fight of the day. Hence, I conditioned my body to perform at it’s best around that very time. However, this time my fight was at 5 p.m, so at that time I’ve been without food for about 21 hours. Needless to say, I was pretty low on energy when I stepped into the ring.

Now I still love the concept of the warrior diet. However, I guess I’ll have to distinguish between off-season/fight prep where the WD is fine and competition days where I need to to something else, nutrition-wise.

Well, like I said, after spending about 9 hours watching fights, warming up a couple of times and waiting for my fight, it was my time to fight. My opponent was a thaiboxer from the Hanuman Gym Vienna. Knowing that, I decided to keep the distance a bit longer than usual and focus on indirect counters to his rear roundhouse kicks. I don’t know why, but I decided to deviate from that strategy in the first seconds, as you’ll see in the attached video – instead of indirectly countering his rear roundhouse (which I was certain would come), I wanted to try to counter it directly with a spinning backkick. The attack actually came just as I expected, but I was too slow.

The rest of the first round, I was pretty much in attack mode and scored some nice hits. Now the other guy wasn’t exactly a technical boxer. To be honest, I rather expected to be facing a better boxers than myself, but this wasn’t really the case. There was no real footwork to speak of, he rather jumped me when he attacked. Now don’t get me wrong on this one, that guy packed quite a punch. However, you’ll notice in the video that in the first round, I once caught him with an overhand strike and drove him into the ropes when he jumped me.

All together, I think the first round was clearly in my favour.

The second round, however, was disastrous. I anticipated the guy to jump me again, so I decided to counter with a spinning backfist. Again, he attacked just as I expected. I didn’t score a clean shot, though, whereas he did. Knocked me down with a right hook under my extended arm.

I did get back on my feet, but obviously (don’t really remember my thoughts, obviously) I wanted to turn the round to my favor and tried to push him. Bad idea after a knockdown. That’s when he drove me into the ropes and knocked me out with a right. Anyhow, just watch the video.

I’ll put up a „lessons learned“ post somewhen in the coming days.
So long,

take care

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