Week2, Day 2

Today was strength day. To be precise, we had our „max-squat day“. Now that’s a good one.
Interrestingly, there was no problem with the grip-strength today. On a negative note I missed some reps on the barbell rows as we upped the weight quite drastically.

Today’s stats:

  1. Squat, 1RM: 130Kg
  2. Bench Press, 4×8, 60Kg
  3. Deadlift, 4×8, 90Kg
  4. Bent-over barbell rows, 4×8, 45kg (failed on 3 reps here)
  5. Military press, 4×8, 35kg

I’m positive I can go to 140kg on the 1RM on the next „max squat day“, as I wasn’t exactly at my limits today. For safety reasons, however, I decided not to go heavier than 130 on my first heavy squats in more than 6 months.

For the warmup we did every „Movement Prep“ exercise that can be found in Mark Verstegens „Core Performance“ program. That stuff really does prepare you for strength training.

The second workout – the interval swimming – I missed out of pure confusion. When we went to venice, I removed everything from my wallet that was of no use over there. Obviously, that included my month ticket for the bath. Since I was teaching classes today and there was a third workout scheduled, I just lacked the time to go back home and fetch the ticket. End of the story.

Now the third workout was a good one. Again, I went through Verstegens „Prehab“ and „Movement Prep“ stuff. At this point, this benefits me more than killing my ankle by skipping rope.

As wednesday is meant to be one of my OFF-days in regards to training (I’ll teach five classes, so there’ll be much physical activity anyways), I’m planning on catching up on the swimming tomorrow. That’s a great thing about having two OFF-days a week: If you can’t do one workout, you can use one of those OFF-days. With only one day rest, that’s more of a problem in terms of over-training.

So long,

take care

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