Week2, Day 1, It’s worse again

So today I started the 2nd week of my 9-week program.
Unfortunately, things have deteriorated for me again.

You see, me girl and I, we was at Venice on Saturday, to enjoy Carnival there. The implication, of course, was an 8-hour march through the city. As you can imagine, my ankle didn’t like that very much.

For me, that means another change in my program. Since the rope-skipping is just too hard on my ankle, I’ll be replacing that with Movement Prep / Prehab exercise from Mark Verstegens „Core Performance“ program. I’ve yet to figure out the exact routine I’ll be doing, but it’ll most certainly revolve around programming proper biomechanics and stretching the lower back (as that’s the one body part I tend to neglect with my mobility/flexibility work).

Of course, adapting the program every week might look bad in regard to the results, but then that’s something that comes with creating an individual program. Out-of the box programs, on the other hand, give you concrete instructions of what to do (if you can do it) but can only take you so far.

Today, I already replaced rope skipping with movement prep. Basically I was just looking for a combination of drills that would benefit me without putting too much stress on my ankle. Later on, after teaching 3 classes, I did padwork for 8 rounds with 2 minutes each round and 1 minute of (active) rest in between rounds. Obviously, I limited myself to boxing. Kicking was not an option today.

Having noticed that 10oz gloves make me lazy when it comes to evasion, I put on the MMA gloves today and had Andreas – a friend of mine with whom Im working the pads – attack my head a lot so I have to constantly bob and weave. With the MMA gloves, however, I got frustrated on my hooks and uppercuts. For some reason, I just can’t generate the same power as with the heavier boxing gloves. On a positive note, my footwork has improved quite a bit (although I still lack proper speed) and I don’t drop my striking hand so often after hitting the pad. Next time, I’ll take a video again and post it here.

Tomorrow, it’ll be

  1. Strength training
  2. Interval swimming (8 intervals)
  3. Movement Prep

in that order.

By the way, it turns out my contract with that day-school I’ve mentioned in previous posts is still running, so I’ll be teaching 5 classes every wednesday. That leaves me with two days off from teaching and just one true recovery day – sunday. I’ll have to make good use of those sundays.

I’ll post again tomorrow,
so long,

take care

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