Week2, Day 2

Today was strength day. To be precise, we had our "max-squat day". Now that's a good one.Interrestingly, there was no problem with the grip-strength today. On a negative note I missed some reps on the barbell rows as we upped the weight quite drastically.Today's stats:Squat, 1RM: 130KgBench Press, 4x8, 60KgDeadlift, 4x8, 90KgBent-over barbell rows, 4x8, … Week2, Day 2 weiterlesen

Day 6

Just returned from my strength training session.There's a good thing and a bad thing:Good thing: I'm currently free of pain.Bad thing: As soon as feeling returns to my body, it'll be agonizing.The routine was the same as last time, only today we upped the weights a bit. Also, today was "bench" day, so we re-estimated … Day 6 weiterlesen