No Swimming today

I’ll have to skip swimming today. Yesterdays strength training left me sore and tired. Getting up at 6 to begin the day by teaching two classes didn’t exactly help that fact. Now if there was nothing more to do for me today, I’d force myself to swim. Still having three classes and a nightly meeting with my good friend and mentor Ronny ahead of me, however, I’ll have to conserve my energy.

Obviously I still need time to get fit for the volume of training my program has me go through every week. Still, I’ll try to catch up on that workout before the week is over.
In between the classes I’ve yet to teach today I’ll be doing some tennis ball work to help me be fit again tomorrow.

By the way, there was an article in a local newspaper about my dojo today. I’ll post the scanned image in the evening.

So long,

take care

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