Thoughts on Coaching Tools: Shadow Sparring, #2

In my post "Thoughts on Coaching Tools: Shadow Sparring", I mentioned my growing enthusiasm when it comes to shadow sparring.Over the last couple of months, I've really come to love this simple yet immensely effective form of training. Not only has shadow sparring become a staple exercise in my own training (I'm currently preparing for … Thoughts on Coaching Tools: Shadow Sparring, #2 weiterlesen

Week2, Day 2

Today was strength day. To be precise, we had our "max-squat day". Now that's a good one.Interrestingly, there was no problem with the grip-strength today. On a negative note I missed some reps on the barbell rows as we upped the weight quite drastically.Today's stats:Squat, 1RM: 130KgBench Press, 4x8, 60KgDeadlift, 4x8, 90KgBent-over barbell rows, 4x8, … Week2, Day 2 weiterlesen