Fight for Fun, day #3

The third day of the fight-for-fun camp has just ended. Today, I took a kickboxing class with Mr. Zaar and two MMA classes with Andre Reinders . Just like yesterday, the total training time today was 6 hours.

My plan was to take Mr. Mack’s class for the morning session, but I ended up on the wrong mat and so took another class with Mr. Zaar instead. Looking back, I really don’t regret that twist of fate. Now I have no idea what Mr. Mack did with his students – I’m sure the class was great – but Mr. Zaar’s topic today suited me just fine: we practiced kicking on the inside and outside lane as well as the corresponding counters. Coming from a TKD background, most of that stuff appeared rather basic to me, at least in technical complexity. Anyhow, obviously the kickboxers do things in a different way than we do, so I learned quite a bit from a tactical point of view. Most important, Mr. Zaar told us to secure every single kick with a technique from the lead hand, something that I tend to overlook. Definately need to work on that.

During the next session, Andre took us through a number of escapes as well as ways to avoid the partner from escaping a given mount. I was especially intrigued by the knee-on-belly position, as I have never really worked with that before. Also, we did the classical BJJ-escape from the mount, covered the north-south position and did a lot from the sidemount. Andre said he considers the sidemount to be the most universal position to be in and I tend to agree. To end the class, we had 5 rounds of light sparring, meaning that it was all about gaining a dominant position. Submissions and strikes were forbidden. Now I’m totally aware of the fact that this first and foremost is a kickboxing camp, but I’m pretty happy about the way the sparring went for me. See, there’s a guy here from Azerbajan who did Sambo for a long time and now trains in Judo (and, obviously, kickboxing). Still, I had no problems whatsoever when we went to the ground. Same thing with the the other 3 guys I grappled with (I did 4 out of the 5 rounds – most guys did like one or two). I’d even go as far as say that I pretty much dominated the matches.

I skipped Muay Thai training so as to be fit for the next MMA-session. My inital plan was to spend as much time training MMA and Muay Thai as possible, but the schedule here was changed just yesterday evening, so my initial schedule is just not an option anymore. Now I could take 4 classes a day instead of 3, but they’re all pretty intense and I’m here to learn – I can handle my conditioning back in Vienna. It’s hard to learn if your only concern is catching some breath. Therefore, I decided against the session and took a break instead.

So, in today’s last session, Andre covered the basics of Wrestling for MMA, along with lots of takedowns. Cool stuff, I’ve learned quite a lot. Maybe I’ll cover some of those techniques in a future post. Again, to end the class, we had some sparring from a standing position. It was grappling-only, but this time we were actually submitting each other. I’m totally satisfied with my performance during those two rounds, considering how little time I actually spend grappling.

My schedule for tomorrow looks like this:

Session I: Agility Session

Session II: MMA

Session III: MMA

Maybe I’ll even throw in a fourth session and actually take the Muay Thai class, but I’m not sure about that. I’ll decide that tomorrow, based on how I feel. Of course, I’ll cover it all in the next post.

So long,

take care

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