Fight for Fun, day #2

It’s my second day at the fight-for-fun camp in Ötztal, Tyrol. Yesterday, everything was too stressy to post, so I’ll quickly wrap up yesterday’s events before going into detail about today.

First off, what is the fight-for-fun camp? Well, basically it’s a training camp sponsored by Budoland GmbH, a martial arts supplier. Now while most camps pretty much focus on one fighting art, here they offer lessons for virtually any striker. Check out the schedule HERE. The trainers here are top-notch, the best of the best. Living legends in terms of kickboxing. Also, there’s quite some former and even reigning world champions from all kickboxing disciplines amongst the ranks of students. Definately a place to learn and grow.

I’m here with Elias, a friend of mine who’s also a Shinergy[instructor]. He’s taking the semi-contact classes while I’m rather into MMA and Muay-Thai. This is great, because back in Vienna we can exchange ideas and share what we’ve learned here. Yesterday, after spending all day on the train, we arrived late for the first training. We were kind of lucky, however, as many people were late, so the session was postponed. I took a light-contact class with Peter Zaar, the german national coach while Elias watched the semi-contact class with Grigorio di Leo. If you’ve never heard the name before, you should definately Google/YoutTube him.

Today, I took two classes with Peter Zaar (Kickboxing) and one with Andre Reinders (MMA), for a total of 6 hours. Now, I’m pretty wasted. Let me break down what we did:

Session I: Lots of shadow-boxing, partner work and stability exercises. Mr. Zaar really has us work on those combinations, especially the interplay between punches and kicks.

Session II: After a terrifying warmup, Andre took us through a series of grappling drills:

  • Armbar from guard
  • Armbar from guard to sweep
  • Kimura from guard
  • Kimura from guard to sweep
  • Kimura to Guillotine choke

As you can see, we covered pretty basic stuff. Anyhow, the setup for the armbar was different from what is taught in most grappling curriculums. I’ll propably cover that in a later post.

Session III: This class was scheduled to be taught by Tomas Barada, living light contact legend. Anyhow, due to unfortunate circumstances, he’ll only arrive tomorrow. Anyhow, Mr. Zaar took over and improvised, as he called it – after another warmup consisting of shadow-boxing and stability exercise, we did 12 rounds of sparring. Each round we were assigned a different task (e.g. fight using only your jab, partner A can only box while partner B can only kick, start every action with a kick and finish it with punches, etc, etc, etc). Now while fighting for 12 rounds is never easy, it was all the worse today due to the extreme temperatures. In one round pairs of two fighters were tied together with a rubber band. Then we were told to brawl it out full-contact in that very limited distance – basically, we were exchanging hooks and uppercuts, standing toe to toe for the whole round.

Obviously, since I spend all day training, I don’t really have a chance to take pictures. Anyhow, there’s some guys running around with cameras, so I’ll ask them and post all the photos in a seperate ‚Impressions‘ post later on.

I’ll post again tomorrow.

So long,

take care

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