Thoughts on Training: Pressure Fighting Series

So over the course of the last weeks, I’ve been dealing with all kinds of counters to standard attacks in the classes I taught. Countering goes well beyond the defensive side of things, though. Even and especially pressure fighters need to be able to counter any potential counters (here, fighting becomes a game of chess, huh?) and quickly regain initiative – otherwise, they might get beaten at their own game. So, without furter ado, let me present to you a short series of drills I use with my fighters to boost both their offensive and defensive skills. Enjoy!

Going through each of these for a three minute round, followed by 30 seconds rest gives you a 22 minute workout. Alternate with a partner (each does the whole thing) and you’re at 44 minutes, in the best case. Toss in some proper warmup, for example, the [Warrior Warmup Routine], and you’ve got a structured, highly specific class all laid out. Feel free to use as-is or adjust to your needs. If you’Re actually going to use this, please post your thoughts to the comments section – looking forward to any discussion.

So long,

take care

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