Event Report: Shinergy[stadlau] summer camp 2012, Tuesday, Video footage

Here’s some more video footage of our summer camp, this time it’s about tuesday, the third day. While sunday was all kicks and monday all boxing, tuesday was about mixing things up. I’m a huge believer in combinations. Playing with heights, distances and angles is something most of the martial artists I know neglect in their training. That’s really a pity. In the TV-show „Human Weapon“, featuring Jason Chambers and Bill Duff, Jerome Huon, a former Savate world champion said

„Show me a maximum of variety… low, middle and high. If you always attack with the same thing… first thing he’s going to take in… second time, ok, maybe, but after that he knows you. So, you have to change, to be different, to give the surprise for him.“

You can find the show on Youtube, check out the following clip:

I couldn’t have put it in better words than Jerome, though I believe there’s more to combination than meets the eye. That’s not the topic of this post, though, so let’s suffice to say that combination striking plays a vital role in both my own training as well as the classes I teach. Another thing I strongly believe in is speciality work in sparring. Classical western boxing, WTF Taekwondo, semi-contact, light-contact, K-1 rules… I have my advanced students practice all of these (although I tend to cut back on everything that’s related to lowkicks to prevent injuries). Working in a confined technical space forces you to try new techniques/tactics/maneuvers, things you wouldn’t normally try in a regular sparring session. In my opinion, however, sparring is all about trying out new things and adapting the old ones – whereas in actual fighting (wheter street or competition), there’s absolutely no place for experiments. There, you better stick to what you know. I’m not trying to make my students jacks of all trades, masters of none. It’s more about having them leave their comfort zone every once in a while to work on specific aspects of their game. Sometimes this means improving a weak spot, sometimes this means reinforcing strengths. Because of this line of thought, you’ll notice a great variety of rules when looking at the below clips – fret not, there’s a method to this madness.

Again, I must say I’m very proud of everyone – although the match-ups were at times quite unbalanced, to say the least, there were no injuries whatsoever. That’s what sparring is meant to be like, from my personal point of view.

Obviously, I’m interested in your opinion on that topic. Feel free to post your thoughts to the comments section below. Soon, I’ll upload the next clip, so stay tuned.

So long,

take care

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