Fight Prep: 2012-05-08

Rather basic program today: 10 rounds of low-to-moderate intensity shadow sparring, 5 of which were really light movement drills. Then, another 5 rounds of pretty high-intensity rope skipping. Another 2 while I was teaching my afternoon class.

Apart from that, nothing special in terms of training. On a sidenote, though, I was amazed at my student’s performance during today’s conditioning class. Those guys and girls do power cleans like they hadn’t done much else in their live – I’m really glad to have the opportunity to work with them!

Anyhow, as my trainer, Ronny, isn’t totally fit (just a bit of coughing, but stil…), I won’t hit the track for my 400m sprint intervals tomorrow. Rather, I’ll do some rounds of shadow-sparring, probably some padwork, too. Then, I’ll hit the gym for a crisp S&C session.

So long,

take care

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