Fight Prep: 2012-05-07

Today’s S&C session followed the same pattern as the previous one. First, a quick Iron Core Circuit (2 Sets), then my 5/3/1 lifts (Deadlift & Bench Press), followed by 8 rounds of rope skipping with pullups after every second round.

Iron Core

Today, I probably found the difference between a good and a bad leg curl with single leg balance: the leg that stays on the physioball must always push down, through the ball. In other words, it’s imperative to always keep the hips extended to a maximum. This way, the body’s center of gravity is positioned in such a way that a lot of weight rests on the heel of the fixed foot. Therefore, the ball can’t roll to the side so easily. With that in mind, the exercise is even manageable with elevated arms. Up until now, I wasn’t paying enough attention to the hip extension, which resulted in me failing all aover the place and displaying less than optimal form, to say the least. I guess that’s not an issue anymore.

Since  I’ve covered the basic idea of the 5/3/1 program and my modifications to it (which are very few, anyways) in quite some detail in the past, I’m not going to bother here. Just follow this link or google it if you’re unfamiliar with Wendler’s system.
Here, I’ll just present today’s stats:
Set # Deadlift Bench Press
Warmup Set #1 70.0kg x5 45.0kg x5
Warmup Set #2 90.0kg x5 55.0kg x5
Working Set #1 102.5kg x3 65.0kg x3
Working Set #2 117.5kg x3 75.0kg x3
Working Set #3 132.5kg x4 85.0kg x5

Tomorrow it’ll be a rather light session. Wednesday, I’ll do 200m and 400m sprints. Thursday, shadow sparring and some reaction drills. Last S&C session before the fight on friday. Saturday, last sparring before the fight. Then, over the next week, mostly some light shadow sparring and padwork.

I’ll post the more interresting sessions here. On days when there’s not much to say, I’ll put up more video footage of the WKF Austrian Open 2012 and share my thoughts on the fights.

So long,

take care

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