Fight Prep: April 6th, 2012

Today’s sparring session was great, so was yesterday’s. You see, to prep for the upcoming Austrian Open (WKF, Steinbrunn, April 14th), we totally commited yesterday’s class to kickbox sparring. I’m pretty proud of my guys – not only did they perform good, everything was also very controlled. Having said that, I have to admit there was some blood and a broken toe, but then it’s a combat sport, right?

Anyhow, I’ve posted video footage of the entire session below. Alex took his new 1080p camera with him, so the video quality is quite astonishing.

Today we had another great session, this time at the Shinergy[zone vienna], our official headquarters. I did plan on shooting some video footage, yet I failed to press the record button. Hence, no footage. Apparentaly, those headshots are becoming something of an issue after all…

Enjoy the videos and feel free to post your opinion to the comments section below – looking forward to reading them!

So long,

take care

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