Shinergy[battle] Summer ’11, Post #1

Tomorrow at this time I’ll already be in Warsaw. From there, I’ll go to the baltic where I’ll stay for about a week or so. Since my internet access will be pretty limited, I’ve been more active in the last days so you have something to read and watch – ain’t I nice?

Anyhow, here’s some clips of fights that took place at the Shinergy[battle] Summer ’11. Unfortunately, I still don’t have (usable) video material on every fight, but the following are pretty ok, quality-wise. Enjoy!

Fight #1: Kathi VS Katrin

This was the only fight in the ladies division on that evening. Very solid technique, pretty smart tactics. Not particularly explosive or agressive, but most guys that fought in that tournament can definately learn a thing or two from watching this.

Fight #2: Michael VS Stan

Michael’s from my Dojo while Stan is a fighter from the Shinergy[zone] Vienna. Stan recently took and passed his instructor exam. In the beginning, the fight was pretty even, but then Michael gassed and Stan took a clear victory. I’m really looking forward to seeing those guys meet again at the next battle.

Fight #3: Michael VS Manuel

The evenings only fight in the „grand champion“ division. Michael did pretty well, considering the height and therefor reach difference.

So long,

take care

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