Strength training / Further plans

I should have posted the following about a month ago. There’s just so much going on atm that blogging just wasn’t one of my top priorities.


In the first days of april, Chris and I finished our 9-week strength program. Well, as a matter of fact we had to quit. First, I went to poland with friends and missed a workout. Then, Chris got sick. We thought about continuing where we left off when he’d be ok again – didn’t work out that way, though, so more than a month has passed since I last hit the weights properly.

Looking back I can defiantely say that the program we went through was one of the most effective strength plans I ever followed. Again, my theory that the basics are everything seems to hold true. In the following table, I’ve listed my improvements in both 1RM and 8RM strength. For me, those improvements are significant. Bear in mind all of this happened over a course of just 6 weeks with two strenght training days a week.

I won’t bother going through the program again (I’ve done that in quite a few of my former posts), but I have to point out that we only began the pullups after the 3rd cycle, that’s why there’s little (or none) improvement in that area.

If I was to do it all again (which I most definately will at some point), I’d start out by doing 3 sets of 8 for each exercise in the first 3 weeks, then progress to 4 sets for another 3 weeks. For those 6 basic weeks, I’d rather ignore max efforts. After that, I’d incorporate max effort training for another 9 weeks. That’s approximately a total of 3 and a half months. Couple that with endurance and technique training and you get a great off-season program.

Further plans

As fighting isn’t an option for me yet (my foot still hurts after excessive exposure), I’ll stick with a sound strength & conditioning program and see that I’ll be in my best form when my foot allows me to jump into specific training again.

So what I’ll do is basically the „RKC rites of passage“ and add some pull-ups and pistols. I won’t go into great detail here as I haven’t made up my minds about an exact week layout yet.

Thankfully, Chris‘ knee is almost ok again, so it’ll be more boxing and light kicking again. Also, it’s may, sommer is on it’s way, so I’ll try to incorporate more outdoor-sessions into my week.

Soon as I’ve made my plans, I’ll let you know.
So long,

take care

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