Instructor conference

So today and yesterday the Shinergy[instructor conference] took place.
The instructor conference is a freshly established event where Shinergy instructors from all schools get updated on methodology, concepts, breakthroughs in sport science etc. etc. etc.
Yesterday, the program was:
Here, we discussed some novelties and eliminated discrepancies between theory and practice. The hand position in the on-guard stance was tweaked to better protect the centerline. Also, the straight fist position was abandoned in favor of a 45-degree one. Besides, there was quite some discussion about proper striking mechanics. That’s one of the things I love about Shinergy – stuff gets cancelled out if it doesn’t work. Things are put into question. Now of course, not everyone’s happy if certain holy cows (traditional stances, concepts, etc.), but then in most styles there’s no discussion whatsoever.

Shinergy[young stars]
To further motivate young trainees, the grading system (which was abandoned some time ago) is being re-established atm. The kids & youngsters will have to go through a series of 12 exams in order to attain the black belt. This process takes a minimum of seven years to complete, so it’s not exactly a „toy belt“. It’s got to be earned.

Spiral dynamics 1
For those of you who don’t know the term „Spiral dynamics“… Basically we’re talking about a shool of thought in physical therapy that revolves around the idea that everything in nature is organized around the most stable geometric figure: the spiral. Those guys use the slogan „trainining instead of operation“. It’s a good, interessting concept. Learn more about it at (german language only, sorry folks). The topic of the talk was apllied anatomy in respect to knee and hip placing and training.

Today, we had

Spiral dynamics
Yeah, we had that already. It’s quite a big topic, you know – important, to, considering the fact that most training injuries revolve around… the knee and the hip, our exact topics here. We learned some weird-sounding muscle names such as „obturator externus“, „obturator internus“, „gemellus superior“ and „gemellus inferior“. I have to admit I had no idea those muscles even existed, let alone are of crucial importance when it comes to knee health.

Shinergy methodology & Shinergy[challenge]
Well, just as the name implies, there’s been updates in the way we teach stuff. A great concept for exercise progression was presented to make it easier for trainees to understand each single step on the way. Also, there’ll be a grading system for adult trainees. The point is not to establish a strict hierarchy but to present a means of QA and determine who can take which class without slowing down the other guys in that class. Sounds hard, but then we regard teaching the martial arts as a profession, so we have to take care of our clients. People get frustrated if groups are too heterogenous – the weaker trainees are frustrated because they can’t do the exercise, while the stronger ones get frustrated because the instructor doesn’t have time for them as he’s spending all his capacties on the weaker ones. When the groups are held homogenous, on the other hand, everyone’s at a similar level and the instructor can tailor the lecture more effectively to fulfill everyone’s demands.

My turn. To complete the conference, I gave a talk on the conditioning system I’ve been using with my students for the last two years or so. Interesstingly enough, there’s some novelties when it comes to strength & endurance training with kids and youngsters.

Now, I’m pretty wasted. It was a great weekend in terms of learning, but I’m really looking forward to a good night’s sleep.

So long,

take care

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