Just returned home.
Today I had a hell of a day so I’ll keep it short – gotta eat something and go to bed.


Just hopped onto the train to Linz, capital city of upper Austria.
Today, I’ll attend to a Kettlebell-Workshop led by Dariusz Tomaszewski, a strength and fitness coach of polish origin who is also member of the teaching staff at the instructor-course I’ll be starting on june, 21st.
Abiding to murphies law, I took with me neither a book nor a power-adapter for my laptop, so the journey will get boring soon.
Also, I didn’t take any water with me – gotta buy some when I arrive in Linz.


Aren’t I the lucky one? At the workshop, there’s a whoppin‘ 3 people.
The rest didn’t make it to Linz. According to them, they had an accident.
Could be related to the great weather, though.
What I’m facing now is six hours of kettlebells in a group of 3 people – sounds fun.

Besides, the other guys are both martial artists, too.

  1. He, a former judo player, is now rather into knive-fighting and Escrima. That’s also what he teaches to the austrian military.
  2. She, on the other hand, is a former kickboxer and just opened up a Krav Maga school in Innsbruck, Tirol’s capital city.

10:00 – 17:00

Basically we covered everything except bent presses – we even did things like front/back schocking and other stuff that can be found in highland games events.

Dariusz is a great trainer.
Interrestingly, we agreed that olympic style cleans and snatches probably do more for striking power than the power clean and power snatch.
When it comes to initializing your lifts with a swing, we also agreed that it’ll build endurance but not necessarily strength.
I’m pretty happy I’m not some sort of alien for disagreeing with some of Pavel’s stuff.


The workshop’s over, everyone’s happy.
As for me, the day was a total success.

So long,

take care

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