October #3

What I thought to be some simple stomach flu turned out to be salmonella.
I therefore wasn’t able to train at all during the last week. Seems like I’m more or less over it now.

Since I’ve seriously lost weight, my priority now is to regain what I’ve built in the HFT phase.
To do so, I’ll repeat my HFT training (100 pushups, 50 pullups a day every day) for another 3 weeks. Additionally, I’m taking electrolytes and protein supplements to fill up stores again.

After those 3 weeks, I’ll see how much weight I can place on my foot. At the moment, I’m having pain treatment and ultrasonic therapy every week. Well, I only had it done once until now, due to beforementioned sickness. I hope this is going to do the trick.

On a positive note, this Saturday, Ronny Kokert, the man who taught me most of what I know about the martial arts, is going to hold a master class at my dojo. The topic will be relaxed technique. If it’s ok for Ronny, I’ll post some videoclips after the class.

Until then,
take care

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