October #2

Great. Couldn’t post until now, I’m sick. Apparentaly catched some infect.

As for my HFT, I couldn’t do more than one day in a row. Every other day I had to skip the program due to massive exhaustion. Guess I overdid it. So, I’ll get back to a more moderate approach to HFT once I’m on my feet again – until I’ve regained what I’ll lose during my bed rest. Then, I’ll try again.

When it comes to my foot, I’ll start manual therapy next week. At the hospital, they said they didn’t knew why my ankle is still so extremely swollen. My doctor at the physical medicine centre said the same thing. Well, isn’t it reassuring to know medicine is such a precise science…

Now I’m really curious as for how the manual therapy is going to work out.
I’ll keep you informed.

So long,

take care

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