October update

Where to begin?

On Friday I’ve finished 4 weeks of upper-body HFT training.
Basically, as mentioned in my previous post, the program had me do 100 pushups and 50 pullups every day. On that last friday, I had a „max day“, which basically means that I did one set of pushups, then did one set of pullups and repeated this until all 150 reps were completed. Interestingly, I wasn’t sore or anything on saturday. I was told I’ve gained some muscle, however, due to my injury I still wasn’t able to test that new strenght in any type of combat yet.

Which brings me to the second topic at hand, my torn side band. The doctor told me that the band healed as supposed, however, the foot is still extremely swollen- far more than it should be, that is. That’s why I’ll go to hospital again tomorrow morning. I really hope those guys do anything useful this time, lest I shall lose my faith in modern medicine.

As for a positive thing, on friday, yesterday and today we had a show in at the „Austria Center Vienna“. Our youth had an opportunity to demonstrate their skill in front of a great audience. They were doing great, I’m really proud of them. As always, you can download the video footage from the Shinergy[stadlau] media library.

When it comes to my further training, I guess I won’t be running, kicking and fighting in the next time, so what I’ll do is basically go to „round 2“ in my HFT training. I’ll up the number of pullups I’ll do every day to 75. Just last week I’ve received a package containing my brand new iron body pullup bar, so I’ll do a much wider version of those pullups. To increase the intensity of the pushups, I’ll do them one-armed, 50 per arm and day.

Now I realize that is pretty hardcore (at least, I guess it is, I’ll know more soon), so I’ll shoot for two weeks of total compliance. After that time, I’ll see if I’m massively overtraining or not.

I’ll post again tomorrow as soon as I return from hospital.
Until then,

take care

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