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For more than two years now I’ve had the privilege and pleasure to direct a Shinergy studio here in Vienna, Austria. I’m lucky to have really interessting people in my school that help me broaden my horizon each day.
Aditionally, my instructor colleagues, especially my good friend and mentor Ronny, help me on my way.

In seminars, workshops and also in everydays training, a lot of thoughts concerning the martial arts arise. I’d like to keep a record of those thoughts here on this blog.

Although I’m only a beginner in the way of the martial arts, I’ve had the opportunity to train with quite a few people in quite a few styles.

My carreer as a competitive fighter in various standup-styles did it’s part to give me a broader overview over the diverse martial arts and fighting styles.

As different as those styles may appear from the outside, as equal they are when it comes to the essence, the fundamental idea.

Many styles undere underwent a process of development that more and more detached them from their origin. There are many different reasons for this, ranging from institutionalization, sportization or influences from politics and religion.
Despite not being inevitably negative, this evolution often excludes some aspects of the art which are of fundamental importance for the martial artists holistic progression.
Also, it blocks many peoples access to the martial arts by giving them an improper image.

For these reasons (amongst others) I was fascinated with the concepts of Shinergy when I was first confronted with it almost ten years ago. My first shall entry therefore be a quick summary of this style that changed my life so much over the last decade. I’ll start by translating the official introduction from the Shinergy homepage (www.shinergy.com).

Shinergy deploys the hidden power of inner confrontation to maximize phyiscal and mental energy. The aim is the fusion with our full potential for metal strenght, intuition, vitality and viability.

Shinergy is based on three foundations:

Fight The most effective techniques of european and asian martial arts are forged into an entity with help of the Shinergy method. Shinergy disengages itself from the fixed concetps of traditional styles. Without limitations to one specific style, the trainee learns techniques for all combat situations.

Instead of endless repetition of formulistic movement patterns and techniques, the trainee learns a defense that adapts to the situation and takes into account the trainees individual personality. The techniques are based on instincts and natural movement patterns and perfectly use the attackers strenght; elegant, explosive and partly spectacular kick- and striking-techniques find their target from any position.

„Wie Wasser, das sich jeder beliebigen Form anpasst, kann der Shinergy Kämpfer
perfekt auf unterschiedliche Gegner und Situationen eingehen und sich effektiv verteidigen.“
Ronny Kokert

„Like water that adapts to any given form, the Shinergy combatant adapts to various opponents and Situations and therefore can effectively defend himself.“
Ronny Kokert

Focus A novel instructional concept based on the teachings of zen-buddhism conveys calmnessm awareness and self-determined acting – even in situations of conflict.
Through the confrontation with inner barrers and conflicts, a positive handling of stress and fear is made possible and body and mind are armed for the challenge „everyday life“.

„Shinergy vermittelt den ‚Weg des Kriegers‘ – gelassenes und selbstbestimmtes
Handeln im Hier und Jetzt. Über den Mut zur inneren Konfrontation führt Shinergy die Menschen zu der größten existierenden Kraftquelle – der Kraft in uns.“
Ronny Kokert

„Shinergy conveys the ‚way of the warrior‘ – calm and self determined acting right here and now. Through the bravery of inner confrontation, Shinergy leads people to the mightiest source of power in existence – the power in ourselfes.“
Ronny Kokert

Figure A broad physical training in strenght, endurance, speed, coordination and flexibility, based on the latest findings of sport sience form the body harmonically. The application of seven principles allows the control of bodily energy.

„Rock your soul and funk your body!“
Ronny Kokert

By just reading those lines, the impression of an esoteric, far-away-planet style can arise. I assure, Shinergy is nothing like it. Hard contact and a strong emphasis on sparring make this style perfectly suitable for all-or-nothing self defense situations.

Also, our first team holds various titles in olympic taekwon-do, open style taekwon-do and kickboxing, including three TAGB world champion titles, quite a few national champions in full-contact kickboxing and olympic taekwon-do, etc.

In coming posts I’ll show you some visuals.

On this blog, however, I don’t want to limit myself to Shinergy, or any other style. As mentioned before, this is meant to be a record of my thoughts, ideas and experiences in the martial arts.

Until next time,
take care

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